Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Princess is growing up

Ok, here is Annabelle. Truly she was a baby the last time I posted a picture of her. Annabelle is a crack up. She is so sweet and lovable, she wants hugs and eskimo kisses, I love her in my face just being close. She screams for me as soon as she wakes up, I hear a "MOM!" until I go get her. She has these eyes she gives me like she is glaring at me. She can say just about anything you ask her to say but if Gabe asks her a question the answer is always "no." He teases her and says, "Annabelle, do you want to go to Disneyland?" She says "no." It's pretty cute. She loves her Jacey and asks for him all day, "where Jacey?" "cool" (school) "where daddy?" "cool." She is almost 2 and very determined. She tells me "no" and loves to grab who ever she can by the finger and show them what she's doin. We're in the transition of no binkey and some days it becomes a huge problem. I tried chopping off the end of one and she took one look at it and threw it. She's too smart for that trick. She loves to be outside and playing with the boys. Since the weather has warmed up our life has changed. We are all a lot happier to have the freedom of the backyard, trampoline, dirt, fresh air! I love being home and being able to give these kids what I've got. They are truly special.


The Hall Clan said...

She is growing,,,what a cutie.

The McClure's said...

She is a doll! Did you get a kitty? Or is that the one you had for a while? I bet Gabe loves it!